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Behavior is at the center of Insight Human Dynamics’ sales force training because behavior is the only thing you can control and change to improve sales.

Our approach is long term, personality focused (both yours and your clients), and recognizes that the human factor is the key to successful Business Development and Sales Training programs. We help you adopt the right mindset by applying science and psychology for business, so you can learn how to help your customer and be seen as a valued resource and not just a sales rep.


  • Adopt new ways of thinking about the Business Development process to adapt to the more savvy, educated, and powerful buyer of today.
  • Learn to take the pressure off the buyer by putting yourself in their place to find out how they like to make purchases.
  • Learn how to sell so your customers will buy from YOU, a trusted advisor.


  • Realize that “old” sales techniques don’t work and learn growing your business organically.
  • Learn sales techniques through our online sales training courses that can help you take care of yourself so you don’t burn out on a job you love.
  • Learn new ways to grow your business and how to stick to them so your customers come to YOU vs you chasing them.


  • Be seen as a trusted advisor and earn more respect from your prospects and clients.
  • Understand how to create a replicable sales business development process.
  • Determine all the possible obstacles to your goal and how to overcome them so you can earn more money.

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