Sales Training

Believe it or not, most sales training doesn’t work and is a waste of time and money.

We teach a system that is simple to learn and easily customizable to your industry and market. It is not a “rah-rah” session. Through long-term sales force training and reinforcement, we help people develop positive behaviors to increase both sales and margins.

We teach people to sell the way prospects want to buy. Our philosophy is that selling is not something you do “to” somebody, is something that you want to with somebody – ideally as a trusted advisor. Selling today is more competitive than ever, with tight budgets and buyers who are more educated and cautious than ever. In order to get ahead in today’s marketplace, you need more effective online sales training courses – and Insight can provide.


What You'll Learn

  • Are the people that you currently have capable of what you want to do?
  • What is Sales Training?
  • How to Grow Your Business Organically
  • The INSIGHT Selling System
    • Traditional selling vs. the INSIGHT method
  • Connecting with People
  • Agreeing on Ground Rules for the Process
  • Qualify or Disqualify
  • Understanding Their Buying Process
  • Helping the Prospect Make a Decision
  • Psychology in the Business Development Process
  • Managing your Business Development Effort for the Long Term
  • Sales Skills Workshop

How We Work

  • Thorough evaluation of sales force and managers
  • Online training
  • Phone consultations
  • One on one training
  • Group trainings
  • Workshops.

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"John Boggs and his Insight Human Dynamics sales training definitely helped push my career to the next level. By refocusing on the sales process and the psychology surrounding the sale, I have learned how to pre-qualify prospects. And weed out the tire kickers, the non-decision makers and the time wasters. Insight Human Dynamics enables me to fill my sales funnel with real, live decision makers. And, instead of focusing on selling products, I concentrate on selling solutions. Bottom line? This proven, solid training system works. It saves me time and makes me money. I highly recommend it!"

John Koerner, Independent Sales Agent, Weinig USA, SE region

Sales Training Programs and Workshops

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