Coaching on your personal negotiations and situations is one of the many features that distinguish us.

Our coaches have decades of experience. They see and hear what you can’t, because you are emotionally involved in the transaction. It is your livelihood, after all.

Coaching is training that for the individual that supports and facilitates the process of achieving set goals. Successful coaching relationships result in the coachee finding the answers within their self while gaining a unique perspective from the coach.

Insight Human Dynamics Coaching includes

support, feedback and advice to an individual or group to improve their personal effectiveness.

Benefits of Coaching include:

  • increased job satisfaction
  • enhanced strategic thinking
  • career development
  • improved job performance

"When I first met John nine years ago, I had just joined Insurance Office of America and was a true greenhorn in the commercial insurance sales world. Prospects were using me for quotes and I had no idea why I was not closing deals. I was hesitant to call on new clients and big accounts and had no plan to get better or achieve more. I felt like I was on a treadmill, destined to make $75,000 for the rest of my life. John’s Insight system changed all that. John’s questioning techniques and coaching helped me understand the prospect’s decision-making process and enabled me to ‘get to the truth’ much faster. He helped me turn a painful process into one of the great joys of my life. John’s training gave me the confidence to win some very large accounts. I am now one of three national insurance vendors for a premier home cleaning company with over 265 franchises. That same confidence has allowed me to manage the group benefits with Florida’s largest property management company. Today, I work with much bigger accounts which have translated into an income well beyond my expectations. Follow John’s Insight system and the sky is the limit on your sales career.."

Michael Schwartz, IOA

Coaching and workshops

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