We use many different assessments depending on your companies’ goals and situation.

Have you hired someone in the past year that had great experience, great skills, was the dream candidate in the interview, but then their performance crumbled after a few months?

Have you ever hired the perfect candidate, but that person was in the wrong job in your organization?

Do you ever wonder why salespeople say all the right things in the interview, but you can’t seem to get them out of the office or on the computer or on the phone once they go to work?

The right sales force assessments given at the right stage of the interview process can alleviate most of these problems. No tool is perfect, but if you and your company can learn our hiring system, 80-90% of these problems will go away.

Are there any employees or work groups in your company that just can’t seem to “play well in the sandbox”?

Does it seem like the front end of your company and the back end speak different languages?

Assessments are used for Recruiting, Hiring, and Team Building within an organization. Every situation is different, and we cater the mix of assessments to the individual situations. We recommend using these assessments to supplement and guide your sales training programs.


Video Testimonials from Objective Management Group Clients

Insight Human Dynamics assessments include

a complete analysis to an individual or group to improve their personal effectiveness.

Types of assessments include:

  • profiles and personality assessments used for selecting, onboarding & managing sales people
  • sales force evaluations to provide crucial insights into sales performance
  • sales process graders
  • assessments to help EVERY member of your company team learn how to communicate better
  • we have literally hundreds of assessments through our partner- Assessments 24X7 as well as our partner, Dr Suzanne Origlio to help you with your people problems

Benefits of assessments include:

  • increased understanding of your sales program opportunities for improvement
  • enhanced strategic thinking about your process and personnel
  • sales process development
  • improved sales performance
  • better communication among your employees along with mutual respect for each others differences as well as strengths
  • Better understanding of how your team can benefit through sales force training

"My time with John Boggs and his Insight Training System was a real eye opener. Like most folks, I’ve gone through sales training before. Somehow, at the end, I always felt the need for something more. Something that would really make a positive difference in my business and in my life. I found it in the Insight Training System. Now, whether it’s developing new business or closing the sale---any phase of the sales process---I have the confidence and the tools to make things happen."

Chad M. Smith, Regional Account Mgr., USNR, Hot Springs, AR.

Assessments and workshops

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