Our Approach

At Insight Human Dynamics we believe that there is more to sales than just numbers.

We take a holistic approach to everything we do. As physicians are taught early on in medical school, first, do no harm. The second thing they learn is that you can’t prescribe a treatment without a
proper diagnosis.

There are very few business owners and managers that would not like to “sell more stuff and take more money to the bottom line”. The real question is how do we do it? Assuming that you have a product in a market that people are purchasing and you have sales managers in a B2B environment, how do you know what the issues are? Are the salespeople working? Do they really know how to sell? What is their outlook? Do they even have the DNA or the desire to sell? Does your manager know how to manage? Countless great salespeople are ruined because they are put in management with no real idea of how to do the job. We help you find those answers before we do anything else! It’s important to know what needs work before you being a sales skills workshop or other training course.

The human factor is the primary reason sales programs succeed or fail. We recognize that customers have different needs, different reasons why they buy, and that they are looking for a trusted advisor to help them make the best decisions for their business, not just a friendly sales rep.

We recognize that sales professionals are looking for sales force training that gives them the systems and tools they can use with these customers to be seen as a trusted advisor. We also know that with the right sales management training courses, bad sales habits can be broken over time and new behaviors learned that can help a new sales rep or a seasons professional break barriers and achieve new levels of success.


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John Boggs - Founder

About Our Founder

John has been successfully involved in Outside Sales since the age of 12. He has worked personally in many different industries and trained and coached hundreds of others to success starting in 2003.

John served in the USMC and studied Economics at the University of Missouri. He is an avid boater, diver and outdoorsman. He is active in Rotary and is an Advocate for people living with Autism and Mental Illness.

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